My Top 8 Favorite Scenes from “Lost”, Season 1 (Part 1)


I’m not a Skater, or a Jater. I don’t care about who Kate finally decides to end up with. I don’t gush about how adorable Charlie and Claire were as a couple (they were…)

What I do care about are sentient smoke clouds. I care about time travel. I care about how they get back.

It’s not news to anyone who knows me that I’m a huge Lost addict. It has become a huge influence and inspiration for me as a writer. I started watching at the conclusion of the third season and I haven’t looked back. I started listening to fan podcasts (Jay and Jack are essential), I started reading analysis books, and Lostpedia became my new home. While I do regret not being there for the early years, I think most would agree that it’s never been a better time to be a fan of Lost, and it’s never too late to start.

In exactly two weeks Lost will be making its long awaited return. In anticipation of this event, I decided I would like to do something fun for both myself and people who enjoy this kind of thing. Because 4 seemed too few, and 15 seemed like too much, I decided I would go over my top 8 favorite scenes in each season of Lost. I tried to do 8 total, but it just wasn’t enough. First up, Season 1. Enjoy.

#8 – Charlie Hangs Around (All The Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues)


What Happened: After Charlie and Claire are kidnapped by the unspeakably eerie Other, Ethan Rom, Jack, Kate, Boone and Locke attempt to track Ethan in order to save their friends. The trail splits and the group decides to separate. Kate and Jack eventually find Charlie hanging by his neck from the surrounding trees. The two frantically attempt to cut him down as he’s dying, and eventually succeed. Jack desperately attempts CPR, but it seems to be no use. After almost giving up, he attempts one more time and Charlie springs back to life in what appears to be a miracle. Talk about tension.

Why It’s Great: Not only do we see how truly brutal and powerful the Others are for the first time, we’re also completely convinced that Charlie has bitten the dust. Before this, The Others were simply a mysterious presence. After, it’s clear that they are not only hostile, but merciless as well. The cinematography of this scene is also noteworthy. This shot (above) is a striking example of how Lost can blend beauty and horror, a quality that has become a trademark of the series.

#7 – “It’s a….polar bear?” (Pilot, Part 2)


What Happened: Kate and Sayid initiate a hike up a mountain so that they might be able to use the tranciever to signal for rescue. They enlist Boone, Shannon, Sawyer, and Charlie. On the way, they hear a rustling in the jungle and suspect it might be the same thing that “killed the pilot.” They run, but Sawyer stays behind and waits for the unknown to approach. He pulls out a concealed pistol and unloads into the beast, which jumps and dies at his feet. Thank god for con-men.

Why It’s Great: Aside from the monster, which was kind of a given, this was the first major mindfuck of the entire series. In addition, it’s also what hooked me for good. Everyone in the world who saw this either said “OMG WTF”, or changed the channel, though I guess it’s possible you did both. If you were the former, I salute you. You knew you were in for a ride. This was the official moment the internet exploded with theories. We eventually found out why the polar bears were there (mostly), but the wonderment this delivered is iconic, without a doubt.

#6 – “Iteration 17294530” (Pilot, Part 2)


What Happened: When the aformentioned group reaches the summit of the mountain, they attempt to use the tranceiver. It is then they find there is an interference. Another signal is broadcasting from the island. They pick up the frequency and hear a french woman say, “Si qui que ce soit puisse entendre ceci, ils sont morts. Veuillez nous aider,” followed by a robotic counter saying, “Iteration 17294530.” Translation: “If anybody can hear this, they are dead. Please help us,” and it’s been on a loop for 16 years… “Guys…where are we?”

Why it’s Great: This scene set the momentum for the rest of the series. Everything about it is just plain creepy, there is really no other way to put it. The looks on the castaways’s faces as they realize they’re going to be on this island longer than planned sets a perfect tone. It also set up so many questions. There are/were others on the island? Who are “they”? How did they die? Why has no one come? And then everyone realized: This isn’t Gilligan’s Island. This is hell.

#5 – A Sign From Below (Deus Ex Machina)


What Happened: At the end of this phenomenal episode, we see a broken John Locke, after the mortal wounding of his only friend on the island, Boone. “I’ve done everything you’ve wanted me to do! So why did you do this? Why!?” he cries to the island while pounding on the hatch door. Just as it seems as though John’s faith in the island is lost, on comes a light from inside of the hatch. This sign restored Locke’s faith and assured him he was doing the right thing. What he saw “was beautiful.”

Why It’s Great: Thanks to Michael Giacchino’s amazing score, and the flashbacks featured in this episode, this is easily one of the most powerful scenes in Lost. The truly brilliant thing about this is that John Locke wasn’t the only person who was saved when this occured, as we would find out in season 2. Not only did it give Locke the assurance he needed to continue, it established him as one of the most important characters of the series, and my personal favorite.

Part 2 of Season 1 will be up tomorrow. EDIT: Part 2 is now up.


~ by Alex Stone on January 8, 2009.

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